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Airbrush Make-UP as the highest degree of Art
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The two-day Kett Airbrush course allows you to improve significantly your make-up skills. Become a master of make-up art. Kett Airbrush course will enhance your professional abilities and skills in airbrush make-up and upgrade your level to an „advanced professional“! Learn the make-up method of real experts!


Are you interested in secrets of professional make-up? Are you interested in photo, wedding, theatrical or movie make-up? Have you successfully completed a basic make-up course and want to move on to the next level? Then, Kett Airbrush course is exactly what you need. The exclusive technique of make-up application, intended for those, who take it really seriously! This technique allows your creativity to be revealed to the fullest and brings totally dazzling results that last! Learn how to combine the classic make-up style with modern technology of Airbrush, which offers so many options of accurate and diverse usage! By participating in this course you will get a complete knowledge and experience in Airbrush technique after which you can develop individually. This make-up method has no limits but your fantasy!


Kett Cosmetics school of Airbrush make-up is among the top three best and most respected schools in the world. And MakeupGroup is the only one school in the Czech Republic specializing in HD Beauty Airbrush make-up. You’ll get a unique chance to learn this technique, lead by experienced teacher Elena Bassarab, who has more than ten years of working experience, she completed the Airbrush course under the guidance of Sheila McKenna- the founder of the Kett Cosmetics.

What YOU WILL LEARN at the course?

During the course you will learn the principles of working with the Airbrush, you will learn how correctly apply the tones in HD quality to the skin of face. It is the perfect combination of theory and practice. This course deals with the skin work, which you will be able to train well not only on the face charts, but also on live models (with the possibility to test make-up on each other). In addition to make-up and face contouring, you will also enjoy applying the blush and eye shadow, correction and detailed refinement of the perfect dramatic look. You will find out that even make-up can be in 3D. The entire course is designed for you to get the maximum information and experience that you can apply right away.


  • The basic steps of airbrush application
  • Determining the correct skin’s texture (how to hide imperfections with minimal usage of cosmetic products), rules for color mixing and selection of textures.
  • Kett Cosmetic’s Airbrush application technique
  • Detailed refinement of the face
  • 3D modeling
  • Eyes make-up
  • The correct order in application

After completing the course, you will easily orient yourself not only in the Airbrush apply technique, but also in the correct use, cleaning and maintaining of all equipment, will learn about make-up products and also learn how to properly take care of them and choose the suitable products for various opportunities.

All the necessary materials will be available during the entire training (original cosmetics, brushes and other supplies). In case of interest you can buy the products during the course.

The price of the course does not include the additional materials.

Training lasts 2 days from 10 am to 6 pm (with a lunch break).

A big advantage of the course is the low number of participants, usually 4-6 participants, so you are guaranteed a personal approach. The course is suitable for participants with knowledge of basic make-up usage (we recommend the course BASIC +, PROFI).

Price: 6500 CZK


15-16.8. (10.00-18.00)



Become a master of the Airbrush make-up technique. Kett Airbrush course will enhance your professional abilities and skills in airbrush make-up and upgrade your level to an advanced one.